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Vocalist Karsten Scholl (Bunker Wolf)


Paithon is a new studio project of Karsten Scholl (Bunker Wolf, Nazi Dogs) and OJK trying to break free from the chains of the music industry. We mix all instruments, styles and genres and we do not care about rules or dogmas when it comes to music creation.


OJK loves analog synthesizers and likes to experiment with all kinds of instrument combinations.

How to setup Akai Pro MPC Element pads
with Presonus Impact in Studio One

Change the pads' note values in Impact to the standard MPC Element pad note values as shown in the image below.

The default note values on the MPC Element pads are not what you usually expect from a MIDI controller with pads because it is supposed to run with the Essentials Software and has different control and transport features.

After setting up the note values you will be able to use the MPC Element like a normal MIDI contoller with Impact. Even the transport buttons are mappable.

MPC Element Pad Setup for Presonus Impact in Studio One


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