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Audio PC Optimization for Music Production
Win7 / Win10

Audio PC Optimization for Music Production Windows 7
Audio PC Optimization for Music Production Windows 10

How to setup Akai Pro MPC Element pads
with Presonus Impact in Studio One

Change the pads' note values in Impact to the standard MPC Element pad note values as shown in the image below.

The default note values on the MPC Element pads are not what you usually expect from a MIDI controller with pads because it is supposed to run with the Essentials Software and has different control and transport features.

After setting up the note values you will be able to use the MPC Element like a normal MIDI contoller with Impact. Even the transport buttons are mappable.

MPC Element Pad Setup for Presonus Impact in Studio One

Ableton Live Max for Live Tardis Navigator AMXD
Full control with only one MIDI mapping

Ableton Live Max for Live Navigator AMXD

Download for free !

We created this Max for Live device to give you an easy to use tool to control all track, scene, and device navigation with only one mapping.

Put this navigator AMXD device on an empty MIDI track, map it to your controller, and it will give you full control over track and scene navigation. The device requires Ableton Live 9 and Max for Live 7.

Navigate up/down/left/right, clip launch/record/stop, track mute/solo/arm, overdub, and scene launch. Furthermore you can activate/deactivate 5 devices per track, control 4 FX sends, volume, pan, global tempo, and global UNDO.

Using an FCB1010 MIDI controller without the UnO chip the mapping will only work with note values.
More info : UnO chip for Behringer FCB1010 Information.
Get your UnO chip : Order the UnO chip for Behringer FCB1010.
View the manual as PDF : Behringer FCB1010 with UnO chip Manual.

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